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For Sale: KRK ROKIT 8 G3 pair in as new condition

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For Sale:
KRK ROKIT 8 G3 pair in as new condition

Will Ship To: Conus


For sale is a pair of KRK Rokit 8 G3 in as new condition. 


The Krk Rokit 8 G3 has the auto on and off feature after 20/30 minutes without incoming signals they will go in to sleep mode and the Led KRK llogo light still on.


Disclosure: If a person listens to the KRK at a low volume like I do, the unit(s) will go into sleep mode after 20/30 automatically. To reactivate the unit(s) , the volume needs to be turned up to a low moderated or moderated level. Will not suggest these for near field at very low listening level at night, Other than that, they are wonderful sounding pair of speakers for HI-FI listening.



Price is firm. Shipping charge is not included. Please add 3.9% for Paypal fees.


Paypalrokit verified member only.

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I own a pair of these and I also listen at very low volume levels.  My preamps/sources all provide up to a 2V line level signal, and I have the gain at the lowest setting on the back of each KRK speaker. (-30dB)  


With this setting, a person can listen at much quieter levels without having to worry about the speakers automatically shutting down.  The adjustment knobs for the gain settings have notches at each position, and I can simply reach behind the speakers and count the number of clicks without have to see the knob's position whenever I need a bit more oomph out of them.


These are very nice monitors for general music playback.  Most studio monitors are simply too flat and sound a bit sterile, which might be critically important when mixing and creating music, but they are not always enjoyable to listen to when relaxing to some tunes.  These do have a relatively flat response, but they still have a loudspeaker quality to them that makes them fun.


Hopefully someone will pick these up soon.  These are a great bargain at their normal asking price, so some lucky person will be getting a really good deal.  Highly recommended speakers for the casual or budding musician to use in a home studio setup that can also use these for their main entertainment speakers.

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