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7868 Power Tube back in production soon

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New production 7868 beam pentode power tubes will soon be available from Sovtek (Made in Russia) and sold under the Electro Harmonix brand. Why should you care? Because this is the output tube used in the Fisher 400 receiver and also Fisher models X-101-B and X-101-C integrated amplifiers.

If you were ever considering getting one of these Fisher units, better do so soon. Once people realize that they can get 7868 tubes again, at reasonable price, the market value of these great old Fisher units is sure to increase.

Price is not yet certain, but expect to pay about $50 per matched pair (two pairs are required) for these tubes. That is about half what some dealers have been charging for NOS 7868 tubes, when you can find them.

Here is a link with a photo of the soon to be available 7868EH tube.

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I hope they have the same form factor as the original 7868. The Electro Harmonix 7591A works in the Fishers but is a little bigger and it is a very tight fit.
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This would be great news if current tubes didn't sound so uniformly bad--at best only passable. As it stands, I'm just glad to know that my amps that use the 7868 will be in service as long as I'm listening.

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Great news.
Now I can enjoy my 400 without a worry.
Thank you mkmelt
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More pics:


I would not worry that the 7868EH tube is too large. It looks to be about the same size as the original 7868. OTOH, the EH7591 is both taller and wider than the original 7591. This makes for a tight fit and also prevents using the original Fisher cabinet.
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