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What case do you use?

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I need a case for my pcdp. I would prefer a hard case like the otter box for my PCDP but haven't been able to find one. The pcdp will be in my backpack and I don't want to risk damage to my new D777 in a soft case. Any suggestions? What do you guys use?
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Pelican case
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I use the Headroom Airbag (a soft case) with my Sony D-EJ01 and Porta Corda.
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where did you find a new d777?

i've used the case that came with my d777 for many years, and the player has almost zero scratches on it. still plays like new, too.
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Check out the new Pelican micro cases at http://www.jensentools.com/product/g...arent_id=18895
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JML, unfortunately even the largest of the new Pelican micro cases is only 8.3 x 4.3 x 2.15” on the inside, which is smaller than any PCDP. None of the otter boxes are big enough either.

cdub, was that a typo about having an otter box for your PCDP, did you maybe mean PMDP? I have a couple of the otter boxes for my MDP's, but none that I've seen available are big enough for a PCDP. You best bet would probably be one of the regular-sized Pelican cases, I think the smallest that would work is the 1150, available here for about $20. A little bit bulky, but you can put CD's, small headphones, and other accessories in there too. I have several different sizes of the pelican cases, and they are wonderful.

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I ordered the largest micro for my WM-D6C. The shape and size may be just about perfect for it. While PDCPs are too square for the Pelican micros, this is a new line for them (not even on their website). I hear they're quite receptive to suggestions, and maybe we should ask for them to add a square flat one to the lineup.

For storing and transporting MD players and MP3 players, however, some of these might be just right.
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I do wish that Otter or Pelican would make a square case that had interior dimensions of around 6.5"x 6.5"x 2.5". Just big enough for most PCDP's, a few CD's in sleeves, and a pair of earbuds or Etys. The new Pelicans and Otters are perfect for MD or MP3 players though.

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meithkiller, that size is also perfect for the swappable drive units in laptops. I have an IBM Thinkpad, and the Ultrabay 2000 drives (CD, CR-R/RW, DVD, Zip, etc.) come with a soft padded nylon case that fits my D-25S perfectly. You would think that Pelican or someone would realize that this is a shape worth making.

(I just e-mailed them the suggestion.)
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meithkiller, Sorry if I wasn't clear. But you got the idea anyway. I want a box like the otter box for my pcdp. I couldn't agree with you more; I wish some company made a box of the exact dimensions that you mentioned. By the way what do you think of the Otter Box? Have you had a good expierience with it? What do you think about this for a pcdp....http://www.beaconww.com/UKWebSite/UK...&prodType=main
...its available with a foam liner too...
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cdub, that looks like it might work, but the dimensions listed are probably the outside dimensions, in which case it might be too small. If you could verify the inside dimensions, it might be the one you need.

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Go to http://www.uwkinetics.com/cgi-bin/nc...1&prrfnbr=5071

The size is 8.5 x 6.0 x 3.0 inch (internal). A foam liner is a separate item.

Underwater Kinetics makes good stuff. I have their 4AA flashlight, which is superb.
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Did they respong to your email?
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I sent it pretty late yesterday. But I doubt I'll hear from them other than a form "thank you" note; if I do, however, I'll let you know. Even under the best circumstances, if they were to make something like this it would take a long time to see the light of day.

Other alternatives might be to see if you can find a blow-molded container that's the right size. This is the sort of cheap plastic case that Sears sells tool kits in. They stock some sizes, and you can also try Jensen Tools at http://www.jensentools.com/index.cfm. That's where I found the Pelican Micros. Jensen is one of several specialty firms that focus on electronics repair tech tools and toys.

I've been looking for a good headphone bag to fit the rather large ATH-W100 and MDR-F1, and it's tough to find these shapes and sizes. The Headrom bag is too small, every aviator's headset bag is too skinny, and camera bags are usually too complex and not the right size.

Good luck!
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This place carries all the Pelican cases and will cut the foam to your specs. This is the one that might work, but it's on the large side:


Inside Dimensions: 8.50" L x 6.00" W x 3.75" D
Outside Dimensions: 9.25" L x 7.56" W x 4.38" D
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