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Audeze Robbed of LCD Series Headphones

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Last night there was a break-in and robbery at Audeze. Many LCD Series headphones were stolen; we’re not sure of the exact number as yet. We’ll post the serial numbers as soon as we can confirm what was taken. Audeze asks all Head-Fiers to let us know if offered LCD headphones at a deal that’s too good to be true. More information later and thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.

The Audeze Team

Audeze LLC is a U.S. manufacturer of headphones that redefine the world of high-end audio using a unique combination of proprietary planar magnetic...
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Ugh... thanks for the heads-up. I will be on the look out.

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Geez that really sucks. Given how much time I spend searching for headphone deals, I hope I can help out.

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Was actually shopping for an LCD-3 so I'll be on the lookout & wary of any "too good to be true" deals being offered. Hope the thieves are brought to justice here.

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I'm curious, where any of the headphones stolen the new EL-8 series?

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I deleted some off-topic posts.

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Sorry to hear this guys, hopefully the rotten thieves will be brought to justice! In the mean time you can rest assured that all of us here on Head-Fi will keep an eye out for any "too good to be true" deals on any Audeze cans. :o

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Sorry to hear this. Hope you can recover these quickly. 

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That's horrible. I hope those robbers get the swift taste of justice.
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This is terrible. Let's band together and catch these thieves!

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Good video thanks, Not only would they take the headphones back and you will not get your money back, but buying/possesing stolen goods is illegal in most places and you could face criminal charges, especially if you knew that they were stolen. So it would be best to check with Audeze when buying to see if the serial number is legit.

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This is all so pretty shocking. I just hope audeze can survive the ordeal. That must be a significant sum for a small boutique manufacturer .  It would be a pity to lose a great company like audeze. There are too few manufacturers of ortho dynamic headphones . I am a proud owner of a set of lcd2 v2 headphones. As such I am concerned about the status of the company . If they do not recover where will I ever get my lcd2s repaired if anything happens to them .

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I am pretty sure they are insured and will recover.
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