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@cel4145, sorry to bother you, but I thought it would be a waste starting a new thread. Your recommendations were fantastic and I'm really pleased with how it has all turned out! I'd like to get the Bottlehead Crack & Speedball (Speedball is currently discounted) for my headphones, but I am also now looking into speakers (they can run through the NFB-11, right?). Off the top of your head, would you be able to lead me in the right direction? Speakers and subs seem to be trickier to find the right setup in comparison to headphones.

The speakers will be for a small sized bedroom (roughly 4m x 5.5m and about 2.5m to the ceiling) that doesn't have any environment treatment for the sound. I would be sitting between around 1.5m to the full 4m away from where the speakers would be placed (minus the space between them and the wall). I have considerable space beside my TV unit to place them.

I was definitely leaning towards getting a 2.0 system and then adding a sub or two later on. I would like to run the speakers from the NFB-11 if possible, as it is plugged into my PC (which I use for all of my media). I would use them mostly for music, and for the rare occasions I watch a movie without using my headphones. I would mostly listen to metal and dance genres at loud volume levels.

I'm not too sure where to start, but I was looking at the Swan M200MkIII which I found at $578 (including shipping, but I would look for a better price if I were to go with these). For the sub, I was looking at the HSU Research VTF-2 Mk4, but I'm not too keen on the down-firing setup and I'm unsure if they ship to Australia so I would have to email them.

In the meantime I will continue reading around :)

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Definitely. You can hook up powered speakers to the NFB-11 and use the switch on the front to go from listening to your headphones to sending the signal to the speakers. Does your TV have an optical out to send the sound to the NFB-11? Or how you will you connect the TV?

I don't know if HSU ships to Australia either. The cost could easily be prohibitive on shipping a sub internationally. SVS Audio is a company with comparable quality subs to HSU, and they do have an international vendor in your region (check their international sales page). Their PB-1000 could work very well.

The Swans have a good reputation. Have you considered looking into studio monitors? That's another option. See what the Adam F5s would run. Or the the Emotiva Airmotiv 5s. I'm just not sure what's available to you. JBL LSR 305s are popular here, but they might not be a good price for you there, if available at all.
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Wow, thanks for the fast reply! I continued to look around forums and on here I saw that you seem to be the sub guy and your SVS recommendations smily_headphones1.gif I'm completely open to any sub suggestions as I won't get one straight away and haven't researched them much yet. It's good to know the Swans are recommended as they're easy to acquire.

My TV is connected to my PC via HDMI and then my sound card to the NFB via optical toslink.

I had looked into studios, but I currently don't need the speakers for anything other than a small room, so thought they may not be what I'm after. I will look at your suggestions after work though.
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To learn more about subs, go here and ask questions: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/. That's where I learned smily_headphones1.gif
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Thank you smily_headphones1.gif I will probably spend quite a bit of time reading up on it all. If the swans are good, I will order them tonight! I've had Logitech 5.1s for about 6 years now. I think I would be happy with any decent setup haha
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@cel4145 (reply when you can - not urgent) my pair of Swan M200mkIII speakers have arrived. I currently have them plugged into the sound card of my PC (they still sound amazing), but you had mentioned they can be used with the NFB-11. I have been wondering how to do this.. do I need to buy a dual male rca to rca cable to run from the speakers to the nfb and then simply change the nfb switch to variable from hp? Or do I need to purchase a small simple amp to put between the speakers and the nfb? The speakers came with (at least I think) dual rca (in the speakers) to 3.5mm headphone jack. So I can't see how to plug this into the nfb because it uses a 1/4inch headphone port.

In total I will have the NFB-11 connected to my PC via optical toslink, and I need to figure out how to attach both the swan speakers and a bottlehead crack with speedball for my HD600s; and later on a subwoofer like the SVS pb/sb-1000 or an HSU research one (I would need something like a Schiit SYS preamp as a "total/unified" volume control, right?). I wasn't exactly prepared for figuring out the wiring and searching for it hasn't been easy simply because I don't know of any "rules" for wiring and pathways.

Thank you as always. In so many threads that I search, you seem to have answers for everybody :)

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Yes. You just have to plug them up to the pre-out on the NFB-11 and then flip the switch to listen to them. You just need the right cable smily_headphones1.gif

With an SVS PB-1000 or SB-1000, you would then go NFB-11->sub->speakers.
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Awesome! Thank you for verifying this biggrin.gif
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Come back and share how it all sounds once you get your sub, too smily_headphones1.gif
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Definitely! I haven't heard good speakers without a sub until now, and they're surprisingly good.. But I'm sure I'll be ordering one in a pay day or two haha
The SVS subs actually look really good for my price range. I'm unsure which to get though. The sb and pb are the same price.
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Originally Posted by Raidou14 View Post

Definitely! I haven't heard good speakers without a sub until now, and they're surprisingly good.. But I'm sure I'll be ordering one in a pay day or two haha
The SVS subs actually look really good for my price range. I'm unsure which to get though. The sb and pb are the same price.

First, look at the dimensions. The SB-1000 is a very small compact sealed sub. I have one. Fits under my desk. The PB-1000 is a much larger ported sub. It has a bit deeper bass extension (down to below 20hz) and more max SPL output. The SB-1000 is best used nearfield, such is in a computer setup, or for a small room. The PB-1000 would have the output for a much larger room. The SB-1000 plays low enough for most music. The PB-1000 definitely has the edge for movies where there is quite a bit of content in the low 20hz range in terms of special effects.

Also, the reason I would go with the SVS over the comparably priced HSUs is that the PB-1000 and SB-1000 have a line out with an 80hz high pass filter on it. So you can either

(a) split the signal from the NFB-11 and send it to both the speakers and the sub with separate cables. Then you would set the low pass filter on the sub to where your speakers roll off in bass response. You could do this with an HSU sub.


(b) run the cable from the NFB-11, to the sub, and then use the line out from the sub to the speakers. Set the low pass filter on the sub to 80hz, and you'll have your speakers crossed over there. So that let's the sub take over more of the lower midbass, which often ends up sounding better (depending on the speakers).
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Option b does sound like the better option. I'll check the dimensions of the pb and see if it would fit or not after work. I like the attitude SVS has towards shipping. If the customer service is as good as audio gd - that would be amazing.

For now it will be near field, so I'm sure I would be happy with the sb if the pb doesn't fit.
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Have you seen the SVS bill of rights? See the in home audition. If you don't like the sub, they'll pay to have it shipped back. So you can't lose with them.
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Yeah, that's mostly what I was referring to smily_headphones1.gif
I feel fairly set with SVS, so I have between 1-3 weeks to decide which one I want. Which cables would I need to connect the sub to the NFB if I use option b?
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RCA Interconnects. Sub cables are just RCA interconnects with good shielding because people usually run them farther that 3 or 4 feet. The Monoprice high quality coaxial digital cables are a good option for cheap: http://www.monoprice.com/Category?c_id=102&cp_id=10236.
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