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For Sale: Woo Audio WA6 SE maxxed and extras

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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA6 SE maxxed and extras

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello fellow head fier´s.


It is time to sell my best, yes really my best headphone amplifier i´ve ever had. I am going to buy some nice loudspeakers, so i don´t need it anymore.


This is a WA6SE Maxxed, which includes


Parts upgrade package for WA6-SE

DACT CT2 stepped attenuator upgrade for WA6-SE

Teflon tube sockets for WA6 SE

Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B for WA6


The WA6SE for sale in Silver also includes:

WA6SE (2 pieces) 6SN7 Full Music Tubes x 2 (or aka Sophia Princess 6SN7)

2 6SN7 adaptors from glenn

1 Sophia Princess 274B Rectifer

2 Sylvania 6EW7

Power Embellical Cord for the two units.


Herbies´Audio Lab Tube Dampeners Ultra Sonic RX for the Sophia Princess and the 2 Sylvania 6EW7


I am currently in germany but i am willing to ship international as well. I have a good reputation on head-fi so please don't hesitate to ask questions!





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To answer most of the questions. Yes, all available udates are included!!!!

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