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O2 on Li-Ion

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My O2 sounds so much better with my PS500e headphones when I use Lithium Ion batteries in it.  I'm sure it's an impedance thang.




Anyone know how to modify this beiatch to charge lithium instead of old ****ty nm-hydride batteries.


If you do please share.  I know I can't charge my LIONS in it, but I sure would like to be able to.




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Your best bet is to remove R1 and R2 (the 220 Ohm ones), buy two of those (use the 2 cells, 8.4V settings):


Then feed one with the +12V/GND into one, and lead to B1+/- top rail battery, and the other with GND/-12V and B2+/- of the bottom rail battery.
I would wrap those with shrink wrap tubes and leave the leads coming off them.
If you battery charge current is not 1A, you can adjust the resistor.
Most the the LiOn micro PCB chargers though, are switching. And I would be careful in those frequencies getting into the analog path.
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