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Hey guys,


Just out of curiosity, what do you guys look for when you make your own cables?


What kind of connectors do you like, what specs on the connectors do you look for? (i.e. gold plated, or specific brands maybe like amphenol, switchcraft, neutrik?)

What kind of cable do you go for, high shielded, or sometimes skimp out on the shielding for something a bit sturdier/thicker, maybe one that looks cool?


I only ask because I was looking to make some but in terms of what to look for, kind of clueless haha


I thought it would be just kind of "ah yeah, high shielded cable for minimum interference right? Ah yeah that connector's got some gold plated connectors all is well right?" or is there something a bit deeper that i'm missing?


Previously I've just gone for Van damme coax cable; with 95% shielding of braided copper wire, and solid copper conductor. Coupled with some rean nys373 connectors. Is there anything wrong with getting connectors from china say, on aliexpress? I've seen some on here i liked the look of, but could there be something wrong with them aside from the knock off branding?