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So I am a long time musician/DJ, and have a very sensitive ear. I would not call myself a bass head, but I do like it punchy, deep, and accurate if not overpowering. I'd say I find +5db to feel neutral for me in the 30-150khz bands. I want a stellar pair of closed backs that have reasonable (over 97db) gain without amping, but that open up to a new level when I add a dac/amp. Soundstage, clarity, sparkle and depth. After reading a million reviews I have narrowed a few that I suspect will be in the ball park for my $500 cap.

Vmoda m 100
Shure SHR 1540
AKG 550
Sony MDR-1R
B & W 7
Audiotechnica M70x
T51 I
T50 P
T 70 P
DT 770
I want 250 ohm or less, near military durability like the 550, but hopefully less face dominating. Detachable cable a bonus. Thoughts? Any <$500 heroes I have missed that suit my criteria? I am open to on ear, but around preferred. Thanks guy! Please pro and con the listed cans. So far the Shure is leading based on reviews and data. I live rural so personal audition is virtually impossible :/