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On the new USA show "Covert Affairs,"  it's the CIA agent calling them "Graah-do's", and the kid prodigy calling them "Gray-do's"  I have a feeling the show's producers don't even know how to say it correctly.  


A mystery that may never be solved...

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what the f##k wherer did the E come from in Grado pronounciation,because some stupid star wars character pronounces in a certain way, we should follow suite.

Does not make any sense.

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It should be pronounced "Gray-do".


volume, if you mean where did the "E" come in the pronunciation of "Gray-doh", say the letter "a" out loud. That should explain something 

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There is the RAH sound or not.



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Tomaetoe, Tomahto  I have always pronounced Grado like Gray-do, however. Grah-do sounds retarded lol.

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Graydo's for the yanks, GrAdos for the rest of us.

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Graydo and GrAdo sounds the same lol...

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well, I am from texas, and I pronounce it gray-doh. 

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a to

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I thought Grado would need to be spelled Graddo in order to be pronounced Grah-do.

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As it has been mentioned before- shouldn't it be pronounced the way John and Joe Grado do (Gray-doh)? It's their family name.

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Some good efforts all around, but not quite, guys. The correct way is Grah-deaú with a nasally French emphasis at the end. There, now let the matter rest.

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Originally Posted by ChiComm4 View Post

Grah-deaú with a nasally French emphasis at the end.


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Grah-deaú. nice

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I would have thought a headphone connoisseur would pronounce it like gr-aahhh-doh, but with the (graaaa) part rolled, like "arriiiiba!"

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