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MD vs CD vs Hard drive Mp3

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Who wins? How about getting a list going . . .
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If you're talking portable, they all suck.

MD and MP3 = compression.
CD = need lossless anti-skip to beat MD or MP3.
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dude, what are you comparing here? they all have their applications. I'm an MD-man cause the other options don't sound as good and/or aren't pocketsize. if I didn't care for size I'd go for CD cause it's easier to use (no copying). if I wanted to take a few hours of music with me in one package, I'd go HD-MP3.
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I'd go HD-mp3 in a car, because then you could just put TONS of music on it and never have to change it, and because except for the Ipod they are kinda big. They just always seemed perfect for cars to me because of not needing to be changed much. I've never owned a pcdp and who knows if I ever will, not only are the players big but CDs take up so much space to transport. Compare taking 10 MDs on the road to taking 10 CDs -- in an airplane, you could have all 10 MDs in a little case PLUS the MD player PLUS peanuts sitting on your little tray with room to spare.

I have an MD player because a few years ago when I got it, the comparable MP3 players had like 64 and 32 MB data sticks for the most part, and I wanted to have tons of cheap media. It's a bitch to record to in real-time but you get used to it. I dunno, if I had firewire and a Mac I'd get an Ipod, that thing looks cool, but I can't concieve of carrying around something any bigger than a tape player like most HD mp3 players are that I've seen.
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The Iriver SlimX and Sony MD Discman's get my vote. HD-based MP3 is pretty cool but the technology is still fairly new and I'm sure when the drive's wear out it's not going to be a cheap fix.

Apple's Ipod looks damned cool though
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You simply can't compare MD to CD to HDMP3 without knowing how they will be used, what priority the user gives to sound quality, amount of music, size, battery life, etc.
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I agree with the last post. All three have their uses, despite what I said earlier about what is best for me.
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I'm an old (er) generation person. Grew up with a tape walkman. For me MD is the best solution. Small, verstile and the units are still very well built. Being used to tape recording, the slow transfer doesn't bother me much.
Ofcourse, as it was said it all depends on the purpose and the way it will be used
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I record to hard drive whenever possible so I can edit and eq on the PC, then a transfer to CDR for my permanent copy and MD for temporary portable use.
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I totally agree they each have applications.

However, i think the most versatile is MD. It has many qualities of a CD. Plus it's small, cheap media, and records on the go. You can record things like concerts and lectures all on MD.

CD's are good for sound quality, but when stuck in portables, its hard to tell the sound quality difference between CD and MD.

HD MP3's are relatively new, and offer large amounts of storage in a medium-small package. However their downside is usually being heavy and large (changing with new models), and consuming battery life like mad.
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I'd say the ipod wins. Best of all worlds. Very fast transfer, huge storage capacity, decent sound quality (if it has a line-out, your 192 LAME-encoded mp3s will sound great), small size, non-skipping.

If the nomad 3 is what creative says it will be, I'll have to buy that. 20GB, PC-compatible, Firewire, 2 line-outs (2nd is for rear speakers), 100mW output, improved user interface over original nomad.

Sorry for looking somewhat biassed, but I am infatuated with HDD-MP3 players.
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here's how they stack up to me in order of sound quality:

1) tape walkman: best sound quality/least convenient (and i'm talking about an ultra high end walkman like the d3 or dd9 using metal tape from an analog source).

2) portable cdp: good sound quality/more convenient

3) md player: almost as good as cd/high convenience

4) mp3 player: highest convenience/lowest sound quality (from the units i've tried (not the ipod yet) they sound thin and tinny, even with high bitrate mp3).
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The Neo 2200 that I use has excellent sound for a portable especially if one listens to lame encoded VBR mp3. Most popular music isn't recorded well enough to discern a big difference between Redbook CD and VBR mp3 on typical portable players. Some of the HD based players, notably the Creative jukebox, play wav files, so the sound would be indistinguishable from a regular CD. The "thin and tinny sound" of mp3 players is usually attributable to the headphones packaged with these units. The yahoo site for the Neo 2200 has posted threads that discuss the relative bass-heaviness, if anything, of the latest firmware. If you note my rig below, I have a very high end basis for comparison and while my home rig wins without a doubt, the NEO is an incrediblely cost effective compromise. ($400 vs $4K)

To the metal tape enthusiasts, one would have to carry 200 90 minute tapes to compete with what I can carry in one hand with my Neo, and without the ability to quickly search and play any song one wants.
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They are all fine toys! Own them all! Each has different uses.

My RIO 800 MP3 hardware player has 4 hours of music on it. All for exercise (cardio).

Used my Nomad Jukebox with TA and HD570's at my computer this morning. 150 albums in one small box.

At the doctors office waiting room I took out my MD and small headphones. Listened to my tunes and waited.

Now, I am at my computer again, listing to a new CD from Mapleshade Records on my SL-CT570 and TA and HD570 phones.

I don't use cassette anymore. With really good phones it does not match MD or jukebox or the 570.

For my portable use, which is all the above, I do not expect perfection. Plus, the more toys, the better!

Only thing I don't use much is my Philips eXpanion 103 MP3/CD player. That does sound ok though, especially through line out.

Of course, the MP3/CD unit in my car gets a good workout. I have a few hundred albums on a few CD's.

As far as loading speed goes, which the Firewire units have. So frigging what????? I don't spend much time loading. Sorry. I load usually once and that's it. I don't change my tunes on my jukebox much. When I do load the jukebox (HD/MP3), the time taken for loading is not the transferring to the device, but the ripping and conversion of CD's. I don't trust a crashable computer with my music collection. It's all on CD's.

All my portable devices sound good through my Total Airhead and HD570's or 7506's.

And my bird Belle finds the 570's the tastiest.
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