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This thing is great, i'm comparing it to my dac magic 100/Schiit Magni combo and audio quest dragonfly. Plugging the magni into the rca out's on the Q-dac i am able to directly compare its built in amp with the magni, the result is that they both sound nigh on identical. If i were able to blind test i highly doubt there is a chance i would be able to tell the amps apart. The dac in it seems to provide slightly higher clarity, separation and positioning compared to the dragonfly and DacMagic 100 which are very similar.

In summary for £250 the Q-dac is a steal, it sounds good, has a shedload of i/o and is both beautiful and built like a tank.


Edit: After using it for a bit and just trying my speakers on it the bass certainly has more punch that the DacMagic 100 aswell.

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