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headphone for fiio x3 (under $200)

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hey guys, what's the best headphone(full-size) for a hip-hop lover under 200 dollars?

my player is fiio x3.

personally i think akg k 272 hd is fine, what do you recommend? thank you so much for your support. (and sorry for my English, it's my second language:atsmile:)

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I'm an X3 owner myself - it has a slightly smoother sound than the X1 or X5.


The SoundMAGIC HP150 is very good, have a read around.

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What headphones have you listened to already that you like or don't like, and why or why not?
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my x3 will arrive next week(it mean i can cancel shopping)
, my first headphone was solo2 and i used that with iPad (4th generation), sound quality was good, bass in hip-hop songs was not bad (actually not enough for me biggrin.gif i want when i listen to hip-hop songs boss of headphone can shake my ears biggrin.gif ) so i'm going to buy a x3 whit a headphone to hope for the better quality...
1) now you think the x3 + $200 headphone can have a really really better experience than iPad 4 + solo 2 ?(if it's not, so i just buy a solo2 again and drive it whit my ipad, instead of spent mony for x3)
2) or you think if i want to get a big better experience than iPad + solo2 , i should buy a $300 headphone(for use whit x3) and i should improve my budget?
which one?
ipad + solo2?
x3 + $200 or $300 headphone?
thank you to visiting my topic smily_headphones1.gif

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Sounds like you want M-100 :-) Get XL pads for them if you get them.

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Ref: the M-100 comment above, I've not tried V-Moda myself but they do have a reputation for being a bassy model. The X3 (with up to date firmware) has an EQ so you have that option too.


I have not tried the Solo 2 so cannot comment on how other headphones compare. Apparently the Solo 2 has a tighter bass but there's still a lot of it - I'm flying blind here.


The ipad is relatively large so if you decide to keep the X3, you will have the option of putting it in a pocket at least.

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if this is possible for you, could you suggest a model between below models please?!
unfortunately many companies do not have any official reseller in my country market, so the diversity of available models is really low
As you can see sound magic, v-moda, yamaha, American audio
and very other brands are not in this list -_-

Here we go:atsmile: available options:
Almost models (K 551/K 200/K 271/K 171 mk2/K 141/K 240 & ....)
Audio technica:
Almost models
All models...
All models...
All models...
All models...
J 56 BT
HDJ 2000
HDJ 1500
Adaro dj
Kraken forged
RHP 20
RHP 20 knight
RHP 30
MDR 1rbt
Ns 900
Harman kardon:
Soho 1 and another model
Kns 6400
Kns 8400

Sounds good?!

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OK I'll do my best..


AKG - No experience apart from vintage K240 at 600ohm - the newer K240 are supposed to be OK but they're semi-open so no real isolation.


Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 (£200 in UK, might be close to $200)


Beats - Apparently the Solo2 is good but I haven't tried it.


Beyerdynamic - DT770 32 ohm


Sennheiser - Momentum or Urbanite (I'd favour Urbanite for Hip Hop)


The other brands/specific models I don't know so well.

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