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need new CD player

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My 8+ year old Aiwa XP-570 has taken a dive. Sound quality has gotten pretty grainy, especially with V6s. The anti-skip creates large gaps within the audio. I need a new player and I want you guys to help me pick one out.

Here's my criteria... in order of importance

MUST HAVE a line-out
Line out must have good quality audio
Good battery life (don't care too much about power since I'll be using an amp)
Good price
4-10 sec anti-skip (may be using on trains, busses, and the like)

The D-25s was looking good until I remembered that it has no anti-skip, and not only does the battery cost quite a pretty penny but it only lasts 3 hours (please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong).

So far I've seen the Panasonic SLCT570 at OneCall for 78.95. Would this be my best choice? Anything around 60 bucks with decent sound quality or am I stuck paying 80?
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You could try to find a Panasonic SL-CT470, it might be a little less than a 570. They are very close feature wise, with the 570 having a remote, battery display, metal lid, and the addition of a 10 second non-compressed anti-skip. I have both, and would recommend the 570 for a little extra money. IMHO it is the best portable under $100 available today (for true portable use), and one of the best overall.

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you can chose panisonic 790,590 or 490
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need new CD player

Originally posted by ´óÅ£
you can chose panisonic 790,590 or 490
However, I think neither the 590 nor the 490 has a line out at all - only a headphone out, which is fed by an op-amp that is crappier than even recent Panasonic models.
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Not to mention the Panasonic x90 series isn't availabe in the US, we are still stuck with the x80 series, and they aren't all that great from what I hear. He also inferred he wanted to stay between $60 and $80.

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I have a 5$ rebate at etronics.com. Do they have anything worth buying or are their PCDPs all crap?

I know they have the slimX. That's still an option, but it's 200 friggin' dollars. If I buy it, I won't be able to afford the Jukebox III in April.

For the panasonics, they have the 480, 485, 490, 780, 470, and 580

Which of these are actually decent? The website's spec-sheets don't really have that much info.

I'm getting really close to simply dropping 80 for the 570. I also see the 470 for 60 dollars, wondering if I should just go with that one.

Question about the 470, does it have non-compressed anti-skip or is it forced to 40s?
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The 470 is a good PCDP, but it doesn't have the 10 second uncompressed anti-skip. The 40 second anti-skip is defeatable, but it is either the 40 second or nothing. For the extra $20, I'd go with the 570, or maybe get one on ebay for a little less.

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thx keith. I nearly ordered the 470 until i saw you say the 570 had 10 second uncompressed anti-skip(as an addition to the 470). If I want compressed anti-skip, I'd just buy the CD-MP3 players.

I guess i'm stuck with the 570 as the only decent player in my range. Thx for clarification guys.
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Friggin weird. I just tried my old XP-570 and it doesn't have the crackle from earlier. And the music doesn't continuously pause when anti-skip is enabled. I still need a player with a line-out though. Shopping sucks.
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sidewinder - if it makes you feel any better, I just ordered a Panasonic SL-CT570. I'm ditching the Sony D-25S. It makes no practical sense as a portable player, and doesn't sound any better than the Pana 470.
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Well, the d-25s doesn't work for me anyways. I already have a portable amp so the ampless feature of the d-25s doesn't make me all warm & tingly inside. Now that my Aiwa is working, my needs for a new player are battery life & line-out. Now it's up to me to figure out whether battery life & line-out is worth 60, 80, or practically nothing. I really wanna get the jukebox 3 which will be released in April. I'm guessing that means I should drop 60 for the 470. I'm going to see how my ebay auction goes with one-call. If I can get the 570 for 70, i'll definitely go for it. I'll keep you guys posted.

oh, and Audio&Me, after reading your profile I can see you're an auto&aviation enthusiast. What would you rather have, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda or one ride in an F/A-18 Hornet (they'll even let you drop one bomb in a desert area).
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The way I see it, the non lossy 10 second antiskip and line out are worth the $80.

Well, I'm going into the Navy as an air crewman. I have no doubt that I will experience quite a few Hornet rides even if I don't decide to become an officer. So, I'll take the keys to the cuda, and trade it for a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T.
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You DARE insult the cuda? To think I had faith in you. To think I admired your ability to know what the AIM-9x is.
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Originally posted by AIM9x
You DARE insult the cuda? To think I had faith in you. To think I admired your ability to know what the AIM-9x is.
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woo hoo done a search for aim 9x...im right

thought that sounded familar...

personally i dont like hornets...falcons...now that's another story :>
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