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I posted this question also in the Stax thread, but I am anxious to determine what direction I need to take moving forward on this.



I recently purchased a Stax SR-34 setup and hooked it up to my Receiver at home, The sound is very muffled, like the mids are taking over all of the sound. I am thinking the culprit is the fact that I do not think I have a great amplifier, my setup it a Technics SU-V4 I have all of the specs, just not sure what counts. it reads 20hz-20khz 2x60W @ 4 ohms   2x65W @ 8 Ohms 0.02THD  . I know these headphones must sound better than this, what do I need to look for in my amp, or is there some more info you need to determine if it's my amp causing the issue?