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Hi all, been looking at purchasing a Pure i20 to connect with my IPhone 5 for a party I'm having soon as means of playing Spotify. Problem I have is that I will be using two separate amps/speakers in two different rooms, so need to have the same signal spread across the two systems.

Currently I use spotify on a laptop, output via HDMI into my TV, which has an optical output which I send to one room, and sadly the only other output is the headphone jack, which goes into the second amp via phono inputs.

What I'd like to know is obviously the i20 has phono and optical outputs, would both work at the same time? Or does plugging one cable in disable the output of another? Has anyone got one to try?

Thanks for any help in advance, I've looked everywhere for this information, it's probably common sense but until I know I can't let it drop!