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Someone asked about battery life, so I might as well address it. I use 650 MB (soon switching to my new 700 MB!) CD-RWs burned at 4X. I have yet to have it skip even ONCE on me since I upgraded my SP-250 to the newest IRiver firmware (that was the same day that IRiver released 2.0 - which was a while ago). My MP3s are created using LAME with the R3Mix reccomended VBR settings except that I have it set to the highest quality. Most of the time I have the volume at 15 o 16. Very occasionally I will go as high as 20, but not very often. I use ER-6's. Normally I get around 10 or so hours of playing time. I have the backlight set to option 4, which means that it stays on for like 20 seconds (I think - I have never timed it) after I press any button. Also, the backlight goes on for the same amount of time when it switches tracks. My only complaints about the SP-250 are: It's ugly! (WHY couldn't it be silver!?!), that damned hiss in the background, and the buzz that the backlight makes (though I don't notice this - only other people do). Overall, it's awesome, though I am waiting for the rumored 20 gigabyte Ipod and then I will be selling it.