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After using my Rio for this long, I don't think i'll ever use a normal CD player again, save for short distances. I carry lots of music with me, and MP3 CD allows me to take all sorts of music while only carrying a few discs. It's very nice, sound quality be damned! There are two problems with the SP250: the sound quality could definitely be better, and the battery life is atrocious. If the SlimX fixes these problems then this is my dream portable!

just thought I'd throw that in...
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I have the iRiver2 and the battery life is fine. I never tested exactly how many hours each battery lasts, but I never seem to have a problem with it. I always carry a spare (I use those ni-hd recharacbles from rayovac.. ). The sound quality is awesome. 25/40 is the loudest I go and that is loud enough! (I listen to loud music, I'm sorry guys). I thought that the SP250 is the same hardware as the iMP-250 (just uglier paint job) so i thought the sound quality was the same.

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huh...what bitrate are you usually running it at? all my mp3's are 256k, no doubt that will drain the batteries faster than something like 128. Otherwise maybe there's something wrong with mine, because the batteries only last a few hours.
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Having owned both I can comfortably tell you that the SlimX does sound better than the Iriver2. The hiss issue is effectively eliminated (the SlimX generates about the same amount of hiss as that found on the original Airhead portable amp). Battery consumption is also good - can't give you figures yet and it's still too new and hasn't had the chance to go through a few charge/discharge cycles yet.

I can tell you that the skip protection is very good. Not quite up to the standards set by Sony with their G-Protection but not that far behind. Like the Iriver2, the SlimX does go nice and loud - that makes a refreshing change!
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Holy SHA-MOLY! That is the best lookin CD player I've ever seen.....well, actually, the 25S gives it a run for its money (old school rules!).....but.....wow........I'd never even use the MP3 function......I'd use it as my main rig's source.....but.....no.....I'm wise.....I'm savin my pennies for a 25S and.......something else
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and trust me vij, you've never seen a portable with more features! it's even got a little graphic equalizer and stuff...
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You bad temptress, you, Neruda.....
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How about the masculine form of that word next time, coolvij?
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Just thought I would say - the SlimX ROCKS! ...... sorry - have I said that before?

Battery life doesn't seem too bad - about the same as the Panasonic 570 - not up to the Sony 915 standard but not bad.

The player is still growing on me!

Headphone output is strong and clear - drives the ER4Ps well.

Line output sounds clean (I know it shares the headphone output as well so it's important to switch the EQ off).

Anti-skip works well when in the old Iriver2 case strapped to my waist - won't cope with front trouser pocket though

All in all, a cool unit. Gotta make a **** load of MP3 discs now for holiday time.
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yeah, same here. I've been working on burning MP3 CD's with just the right albums on each so that it's easy to get the right one when I need it. I should be able to fit just about everything I need onto 12 discs total (all my mp3's are at 256k btw), but I might need more.

quick question: does having the LCD on the remote cause any problems? are there any times where you'd rather there was an LCD on the main unit as well? Also, how fast does it take to load up compared to the iRiver2?
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Loading time on CDR's is a lot faster than CDRW's - haven't timed it but it's not bad.

I use EAC and LAME with the following preset

--alt-preset extreme %s %d

As far as I know it uses Joint Stereo, 256vbr

It sounds pretty good and keeps the file sizes short.

No problem with the LCD on the remote - don't miss having a display on the main unit - it stays in the original Iriver2 bag most of the time anyway.
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very cool, thanks for the info peddler!
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Neruda.....it was intentional..... !

I dunno why - but your icon and the way you were selling the product just made me chuckle.....sorry.....anyway....i know you are male.

So THAT issue is put to rest....
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I DEMAND RESPECT!!! And---hey, quit laughing at me!

but yeah, i knew it was intentional
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yea..well....i think you'd also be able to understand that i'd be the last person to want to have any bad blood on this forum between anyone.....just, ya kno, keepin it coo....
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