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The Iriver SlimX – Couldn’t Resist

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The Iriver SlimX – Couldn’t Resist

I have been the owner of the Iriver2 MP3/CD player for some months now and, apart from the problems with line noise and skipping, I was generally quite happy with it. Unlike most modern portable CD players, the Iriver2 has a 12mw amp on board and sounded quite good for it. However, the increased shock protection, neater form factor and improved noise floor made the SlimX a mode appealing machine so I sold my Iriver2 to my sister and bought the SlimX

Well what can I say. This is a remarkable machine. Definitely doesn’t skip like the other model – very VERY similar to my Sony D-915 Discman – perhaps not quite as solidly made but very close. The remote control really sets this unit apart from its competition – very neat and able to completely control all aspects of the player.

Sound Quality

All the neat features of the player are all well and good but if its sound quality is not up to scratch then it’s all wasted. I’m very pleased to report that this really is a top class unit in the sound quality department as well. I also own the Panasonic 570 and Sony D-915 Discman’s (along with the Sony MD-R900 MD recorder). These units are used with the Sony 888’s and Etymotics 4P (4S with Airhead occasionally). The SlimX does generate a little line noise when compared with my Sony unit but it really is fairly subtle and certainly doesn’t get in the way of the music at all.

Output is definitely higher than either of my regular CD players and the sound through the headphone socket is crisp, detailed and accurate. Having tried the unit with both high-bitrate MP3’s and regular audio CD’s I’m seriously thinking of selling my other players and sticking with the SlimX.
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Very cool, my friend just ordered a SlimX as well. How is the shock protection on it?
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very cool! I'm definitely interested in this product, since I like my Rio SP-250 a lot (but it has lousy battery life and antishock). I'm also interested in its AS: my SP-250 skips so much that I can't even use it for walking. how does the SlimX do?
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actually, the iriver2 and the sp250 are the exact same player, so you can update the same firmware on both. (you need to hack the sp250 to do this but it's pretty easy).
i have the iriver2. the latest firmware improves the shock protection almost to the quality of the slimx from reports i've heard (walking with the player isn't a problem for me). i'm quite happy with my iriver2, but i have one question for peddler.
having owned both the iriver2 and the slimx, is the sound on the slimx that much better? i think they have the same specs (12mW amp) so i'd expect they sound really similar. the only difference i've heard is that the slimx doesn't have that hiss (that i don't notice unless i pay really really close attention) that the iriver2 has. can you answer this?
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congrats on your new toy...if you do decide to sell your 570 then send me a pm or email (rlahiri@yahoo.com)...I've been looking for a deal on one for awhile.

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There is some noise with the SlimX - no where near the same amount as with the Iriver2 though. The sound quality is spot on though - an open (but not bright) sound which sounds very similar to my Sony D-915.

The shock protection does appear to be pretty good. I have walked around with it in my trouser pocket and only had a problem when the battery was nearly flat - normally it would take it all in its stride.

In all fairness I don't think the SlimX will offer any better battery consumption figures than the Iriver2. I had the Iriver2 and sold it to my sister (just before the latest firmware upgrade was released). I probably would not have bothered changing machines had I have known what the latest firmware does to improve the anti-skip on the 2.
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Originally posted by pennylane
actually, the iriver2 and the sp250 are the exact same player, so you can update the same firmware on both. (you need to hack the sp250 to do this but it's pretty easy).
could you give me some details on this please? I'd love to improve my SP-250's performance if at all possible.
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i'm not sure exactly how it works on an sp250 because i have an iriver2. it involves changing the name of file with a hex editor. you get the file from www.iriver.com

here's a faq. look under part 7

the already hex edited ready to install version is available here:

it's from a message board. here's the message:
/*There is a "hacked" version -- with the changes already
made (thanks to rcn82) at:

This has worked for me and some others.

Usually people say that this should be the only file on the cd. Some cd burning software (like Nero) balks at only putting one small file on a cd. I usually add another 1 meg file to make it happy.

Bryce Jones */

all this info is from the portable section the www.mp3.com message boards. apparently everybody there is an slimx/iriver/sp250 fan.
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i forgot to say this in my last message,
but you download the file (just go to the link with the hex-edited version for the sp250 firmware). then burn it onto a CD, put the CD into your sp250 (the adapter is supposed to be plugged in) and turn it on.
don't touch the player and make sure the CD is clean/unscratched. it'll turn off when it's done. if you have questions just go to mp3.com. there are people that will help you there
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I would just like to add that the skip protection is MUCHO better with the new firmware, if you don't know how to use it you just hold down the MODE button (i think...one of the side buttons..haha i use it everyday but it's slipped my mind just now) until the icon beside the folder name changes.
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thanks guys! I just made the upgrade and I'm a very happy camper!
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line out?

curious to know if it has a linout (non amplified)? Thanks.
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yes it does

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just curious. people have criticized other mp3 players because their music is "thin". how does the slimx compare?
and how does the slimx compare to normal pcdp? both today's and older high quality sounding models (like those rare panasonics).
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I have been in the market to get a really great sounding portable that I can listen to both mp3s and cds with, either walking to school or sitting in the library. I don't want something that can take the harshness of a brisk walk but then crap out on nice sound in the library....so I have staved my purchasing thus far. I have read lots about the S250 and now the SlimX but I was wondering what people have to say about this:

It is the highest model of panasonic pcdp that I can find in North America with MP3 capability. Since Panasonic usually gets an A+ on sound, I woudl hope that this player would have the same rating as well as a better build quality than the Rio or the SlimX.
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