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For Sale: Walking Away From Headfi GIVEAWAY

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For Sale:
Walking Away From Headfi GIVEAWAY

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'v decided it is time for me to take a break from head-fi for a little while.

So in turn I will be giving away the best of my equipment for new head-fi'rs to use at low bids.


Auction will end MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND @ 12:01AM or 10 minutes after the last bid is placed that night (snipe rule). 

Each giveaway starts at $20 and bids increase by increments of $10. Winning Multiple Items = FREE SHIPPING.

There is a reserve on items E-H. Shipping and Fees covered by buyer. BIN offers being heard through PM. 



A. Beats by Monster in ear headphones - white- comes with extra ear tips 

B. iBasso T4 highly portable IEM amplifier 

C. Hot Dac1 a highly portable USB DAC (not pictured) 

D. Whiplash Audio 30pin right angle LOD 

E. Whiplash Audio V2 2pin IEM cable 48" silver  (matches LOD) plugged into the T4 in picture 

F. AmpCity Fortis Solid silver IEM cable 50" 

G. Wyvern Audio Argentum Sig. A8 mini to mini cable, 8 strained pure silver cable - 12" 

H. iPhone 4S 64gb (comes with 3 cases and cords) Opened in September 2014 nearly new 


I have multiple pairs of shirt clips for these cables that are new in packaging

If you win a giveaway these will be included upon request. 


Thank You and Good Luck!

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Can you explain how an auction works on head-fi?
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Please post how much your willing to give in the comments followed by the corresponding letter. 

If someone wishes to give more submit that value plus the letter. 

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No Auctions please.
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