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Does anyone know of a ultiity to "hotsync" MP3's? Basically, I want to keep my MP3's as tightly sync'ed as the information on my Palm.

The problem is, I keep mine in three different places now (a few on my ca. 1997 notebook's massive 4GB HDD, a bunch more on my 6GB Archos Jukebox, and the whole lot of 'em on a 20GB Neo25 portable MP3 player that's actually quite useless as an MP3 player but decent as a portable HDD. I do plan on playing HDD roulette sometime -- moving the 6GB to the notebook, the 20GB to the Archos, and the 4GB to the Neo25 -- but until then, I'm having some trouble keeping files straight, especially as I rename them, delete duplicates, or d/l higher-resolution versions of songs I already have.

I know Apple's iTools is supposed to do what I want, but last I checked it wasn't available for Win98...