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Hello Head-Fi'ers!


I am the lucky new owner of an Audio-GD C2.1, NFB-2, and Digital Interface V1. I am seriously enjoying this combo as it is a HUGE improvement over my original Schiit Modi/Magni stack. But as the title of this thread suggests, I am desperately trying to find a replacement pair of Audio-GD's "old-style" ACSS cables. I have only one set and they are getting up there in age and starting to fray and bend a bit. I would really like to have a second set in-case the first pair ever quits working on me. I just cannot find them anywhere though, nor can I find any custom cable makers that can manufacture a set for me. I have included a picture of the exact cable/type I am looking for below to assist you in the search. As always thank you for reading and replying!


Audio-GD "Old-Style" ACSS Cables: