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Recommended CDRs for Sony burner

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Any recommendations on CDR media specifically for a Sony CDRW? Any you specifically don't recommend?

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i've used TDK "Certified Plus" CDRs and they've all worked perfectly in my very sensitive NAD CDP. they're a bit more expensive that the regular TDKs but from all i hear, they're worth it. They say "certified plus" on the inside ring.

Kodak Gold CDRs are supposed to be just about the best too.

this info from a very anal near-audiophile bootleg trading friend (not me, a friend of mine)

Edit: Mitsui are supposed to be pretty good as well
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Verbatim Datalife ( not valuelife)

Absolutely the BEST cdr you can buy*

Great for everything and highest quality!

It is what I use here. ( warning: it cost slightly higher than regular cdrs)

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Actually, the Verbatim Datatalife MetalAzo are good, but the 16x aren't quite up to the job with the new Zone-CLV recorders (24x) reaching little more than 16x.

I suggest you try these if you have a Z-CLV drive. They are also good in general...well, all except Maxwell perhaps. And the Fuji aren't so special either.

The top choices are always:
Mitsui, Tayo Yuden, Sony, Philips.
Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals) and TDK are also very reliable.

From the cheapos, I trust MMore.

Maxell CD-R 74XL24x
Mitsui SG 1x-12x24x
Philips Silver Premium 1x-16x24x
TDK CD-R74 Reflex Ultra 1x-16x24x
Philips Silver Premium White 1x-16x24x
Philips Multi Purpose 1x-12x24x
Fujifilm CD-R74 Silver Disk 1x-12x24x
Sony CD-R 1x-16x24x

Visit www.cdmediaworld.com if you're hungry for more CDR media info.
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I second the TDK Certified Plus, I have had no problems with them at all. I mainly just copy CDs I or my parents own, and they are perfect copies, no noise, pops, or clicks. I would warn against using Maxell CD-Rs, I have ones from a few years ago, and they are degrading very badly, my CDPs won't even play some of them, basically useless.

Does it really matter how the disc performs at 16x? How many of us here burn CDs, audio CDs at least, at much about 1x or 2x?
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Well, I ONLY burn at 4x (my burner's max....).

If I had a 16x burner, everything would be at 16x - my time is too precious to waste because of "errors" - and I don't believe that good 16x MAX burners have that many, even at full throttle...
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It would probalby be fine on data cds (they have better error correction I believe) but I can hear a few pops and clicks if I burn an audio CD at 12x, although it may just be my portable CDP. Luckily for me, my CD burner doesn't burn at 1x, the slowest it goes is 2x, that will save me from wasting my life trying to get .0042% improvement in sound at the cost of 30 more minutes per CD . If I'm burning a CD from MP3s, I'll usually do 4x, sometimes 8x if I'm in a hurry because I figure the MP3s are already degraded from the original, burning them at 2x isn't going to improve their sound any.
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