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For Sale:
MWTS: TWag V3 (Single Ended, CIEM 2-pin) [Trade with an 2.5mm Balanced Cable)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've got a TWag V3 that I got reterminated from fitear pins to standard 2-pin CIEM configuration. It was meant for use with a CIEM which eventually did not come to fruition, and has since been sealed up and stored. I kept it the possibility of a future IEM purchase, but because I am now partially getting out of the audio scene, it is best to move this on as well.


The cable is in very mint condition.

2-pin terminated. It was originally made for FitEar pins, but has since been DIYed. And I can promise you that the quality of the retermination is absolute top-notch, probably even better than the original production quality -- 3 layers of heat shrink on each terminal. L, R and Ground terminals all carefully isolated.

Oyaide RA Rhodium plated jack

Wooden splitter has been replaced with just a plastic slider (I don't get why Whiplash uses such as bulky and pointless Y-split in the first place). I still have it with me though.


Retails for $340. I am willing to let it go for $280, but I can be rather flexible on that depending on your needs.


Price is inclusive of Paypal fees and internationally registered shipping.


PM for more details, pictures, or enquiries.


Thank you for looking (:

EDIT: Willing to trade for another balanced IEM cable

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