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IEM Sport headphones

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Budget - $150 (flexible)

Source - Nexus 6

Requirements for Isolation - Outdoor sports, gym, somewhat needed, but not essential

Preferred Type of Headphone - IEM / Sports Headphones

Preferred tonal balance - A bit basshead, but balanced is good too

Past headphones - Vmoda m100, this will be my first for gym/sports headphone

Preferred Music - Dubstep, Rap, Electronic


I currently own a pair of M-100's and I love them, but i don't use them for sport activity because I'm afraid of them falling off and of sweating

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Skullcandies sport earbuds seem promising to an extent and there bassy... Sony makes some too probebly a tad bit better but ive had minimal experiance with both... Sorry >.< but if i were you id look into the jaybirds blue birds i havent heard them but people seem to love them plus they are wireless monster seems to have good offerings too but like i said i dont have too much experience with these types of iems and even less with the expensive sort hopefully someone else can pick up my slack smily_headphones1.gif
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