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Looking for some help. I really like the sound of my ue900 (just warranty replaced with the 900s and unopened), but I really hate the the fit. When I spoke with Ultimate ears, the do not recommend a reshell and think it will negatively effect the sound. I like the fit of my Westone 3, really hate the overstated bass and the top in just doesn't ring like the ue 900.


What direction should I look in, I want to stay in the 400 range or less. should I get something nearly new like a westone 60 or shure 845, or a new um 30 pro, westone 4, 4r, 40 series., or phonak audio.


This is for listening and the gym (kind of the reason for the custom mold).  The ultimate ears rm was mentioned, but outside of my price range, looking for crystal clear sound with comfort. Or would you reshell the ue900.


Thanks for your help

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