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For Sale: NEW iBasso DX90 w/ Dignis Leather Case

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For Sale:
NEW iBasso DX90 w/ Dignis Leather Case

Will Ship To: Preferably within the USA




Here is an almost new DX90 from iBasso. With it comes all of its original accessories that it would normally have along with a new leather case from Dignis. The DX90 is "like new" because it has never been taken out of the house and it has a total of around 15 hrs listening time. There are no signs of wear, the battery still lasts as long as when it was first used (it's a Samsung battery, so it's very durable). The leather case is Brown Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather and is of top quality. Dignis leather cases are very stiff and sturdy, and they are real leather so they exhibit properties of leather such as improving with age.


Reason for selling: Well, the reason it's never been taken out of the house or put through any abuse is because there aren't any audio stores near me so I bought one to try it out. I took great care of it in case I wanted to return it ( I really babied the thing, it's a gorgeous DAP ). After around 15 total hours listening to it, I got a good feel of how it sounds. It actually sounds great, with a lot of detail and very clean and dynamic sound. It sounds pretty much like what most of the reviews say, which is great, but it turned out that it just doesn't suit my tastes. So it's not a bad DAP, but for this amount of money I want to find something that satisfies my listening tastes 100%.

I bought this for $400 to try it out, but the seller charges a 20% restocking fee. Wow, how did I miss that?! I guess that's reasonable, but gosh, that's expensive! 


The Dignis leather case is a $60 value. You can find the DX90 for as low as $380. Factoring that all in, the lowest you can pay for the DX90 and the Dignis leather case for it is $440. Here I am selling both for $415, as the DX90 is essentially new, and the Dignis case is new. I think that is a fair price, but we can negotiate if needed. Shipping will be paid by me unless you are outside of the USA.


$440-415=$25 off 


Note: The DX90 already has Lurker's L2 custom firmware installed onto it. It also has a screen protector applied onto it.


If these pictures are not enough, I can make a video showing the DX90 fully functional by demonstrating all of its features.

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Come one guys, this DX90 is pretty much brand new!


Price drop: $380

The lowest you can get the DX90 online is $360

add the $40 Dignis case and the total is $400


$400-380= you are now saving $20 for a mint DX90 and a NIB Dignis case

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