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SOLD: Bada PH-1 Tube Phone Amplifier Hybrid - Page 2

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I PM'd you , asking about pre-amp question, just like the one above me (does volume control RCA output?) and shipping to Canada.

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yes the volume knob does control the pre amp part as well
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4 more amps that i need to sell.
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I am trying one of these out right now. It does get hot, but perhaps that is because it has a very substantial metal casing that retains heat and is essentially used as a big heatsink. Not convinced that the heat is from the tubes itself (they are small little buggers), but perhaps Class A mosfet. The unit is well built, bullet-proof casing. Pic's make it out to look like a small lightweight amp but it is actually quite long lengthwise and a rather heavy built unit.

It isn't a traditional tube amp in the sense that the tubes are meant to be easily swapped as far as I can tell.
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After a short break in period with this amp, I plan on tearing into it to see about reconfiguring it to show off the tubes... maybe relocating the sockets to the exterior or tilting the ciruit board so they pop out some holes in the top ... I just like seeing them and it is a waste to have a tube amp and not be able to see that fact. I also am going to try my hand at making a cherry wood face for it to match up with my ATH-W1000's and a JVC EX-A1 mini system (the one with the wood speaker cones) that use cherry tone woods throughout. Might turn an average looking amp into a swan!
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Those mods sound interesting.

However, I just want to let people know, especially considering the pictures that have been posted about this amp, that I do not consider this amp merely average looking. I understand everyone has different tastes, but because the the pics of the amp don't make it look that nice, I thought potential purchasers would want to know that I consider it to be a nice looking amplifier, in a sleek metallic case. I think, looks-wise, it holds its own with the the Corda HA-1 MKII and Perreaux. Personally, I think it's the nicest looking out of the three.
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How is the sound paired with the CD3K, does anybody had tied it .......
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller
How is the sound paired with the CD3K, does anybody had tied it .......
i think acs236 actually posted his comments about it with his cd3ks in the thread i linked in the first post
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Bada is goood (no I'm not spamming you)

(This is a first post, sorry for any transgressions.)

I was one of the lucky 6 who have so far bought one of the Bada amps Ufokillerz has brought to the New World. Ufokillerz did a fantastic job of packaging and shipping - prompt (he had the unit out the next day) AND professional (I've never seen a packaging job like this - I don't even ship Christmas gifts to my relatives with so much care). Shipping to Canada wasn't a problem (it did cost a bit more), but I had the amp in under 5 days.

I bought a mini to RCA connector from Ufokillerz as well (very well built with gold plated Neutrix connectors).

I'm new to the headphone thing, have never used amps before and have only got an old set of HD 320's, so judge my comments accordingly. I initially chose the HD320's because I couldn't get a decent bass sound out my portable CD player and they had more 'oomph' than the other models in my $ range at the time. But with this amp, the headphones are totally different [it's like someone "pulled the wool blanket off of them ..." (no, really; this isn't an exaggeration).] The sound is way more balanced and the mid-range and upper frequencies are much more present. Vocals and horn sounds are so realistic I almost feel like I'm in a recording studio.

The amp gives off a lot of heat and I wouldn't suggest you cram it into a confined enclosure but the unit is so gorgeous looking you wouldn't want to hide it. Brushed aluminum panels with a scintered finish - tres high-end chic. And the ultra-blue LED is neat too.

The only complaint I have, is that the Bada has made me a headphone addict and I am now looking at a new set of headphones. CD-3000 or HD650??? This dilemna (and how to pay for it all) is the (new) question of the day.

Cheers and happy listening,

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He is holding one for me too. Yippie! I think that is 3 to go now. From what I have heard it is a great buy. I am sure glad Ufokillerz went the extra mile for everyone and did this. Thanks again. Some lucky people will get the last three.
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Does using a transformer (230V to 110V) effect the quality of the sound?
With all the hype about filtered power supplies and all...
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i have no idea about the 220v to 110v transformer, this unit is built around a 110v transformer.
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I meant putting a 230 to 110 transformer before it, so it will work
in hungary. The effective voltage in europe nowdays is 230 volts...
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i would not know about that, they sell a 220v version on ebay
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1 being held for mikey, aside from that i have 1 left.
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