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Hey Everyone,


Im new to the boards and also new to Headphone community.  Ive been been a longtime audiophile and spent 3 years working in the industry.  Im a local OC/LA native but now Im working and living in Europe.  Unfortunately giving the tighter city center living in Europe, It's hard to really enjoy my 2 channel setup due to my neighbors.   So this has brought me to Head-Fi!


I've had my Magnepans for almost 10 years and have really grown fond of their spacial depth.  When properly setup the soundstage is incredible, depth and width extend far beyond the maggies.  I know that this is something that I will have to sacrifice once I move to a headphone rig, which led me to Audeze.  So far I've only auditioned a pair of LCD- 3 and LCD-2, both powered by a  Lehmann Audio Linear SS headphone amp.  I really preferred the LCD-3 over the LCD-2; much richer and fuller, loved the midrange.  I feel that the LCD-3 would do great things if paired with the Woo Audio Tube Amps, I figured maybe the WA7.  I great things about the Alpha Prime and HD 800's.  


The LCD-3's sounded great but I think that with the addition of a tube amp they could really blossom! I don't think the Lehmann amp was pushing them to their fullest.


I'm currently In CA for one more week, I figured I would ask if there was anyone with an Woo products that wouldn't mind meeting up sharing their experiences!


Happy New Year!