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i finally received my cables, and canceled my paypal dispute.


seems like it was shipped on the 7th and arrived today, the 10th. I honestly don't know what happened behind the scenes: if it literally just took that long, or if the paypal dispute escalated the time table.

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It was your PayPal dispute. This guy's a con. I ordered dec.28. I've requested a full refunded and expect it. This goof does not deserve a dime of my hard earned dollars. If anybody sees this clown referenced in a post please link this thread. I'd love to confront him face to face about his business tactics. I really hope PayPal sides with me. I'll also be notify the BBB. I urge everyone else to do the same. We need to get this guy out of our community.

My apologies to head fi and our community.

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I often use head-fi as a source of wisdom when making decisions about audio equipment, and recently began looking for a higher quality than standard IEM cable. I came across a forum that compared a variety of IEM cables and one of the cables in the discussion was by Chris_Himself. After reading about his product I proceeded to order a new cable. About a week after I placed my order I found this forum about all of the less than impressive reports about his service over the past year or two so I emailed him and asked if I could cancel my order. He promptly wrote me back and told me that he was still in business and would have my cable to me soon. Admittedly I was quite skeptical after having read through this forum. Over the next few days I emailed him nearly every day about my cable and he was always very courteous and quick to respond. I cannot speak to anyone else's experience with him but he did exactly what he told me he would do and I received my cable within two weeks of placing my order. He explained to me that his life has been quite hectic lately as he was finishing grad school but made every effort to win my business and I can say confidently that he most definitely has.

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I received my cables a few weeks ago. I gotta say I like them, a lot. They seem exactly what I ordered (ordered spc, can't tell if it is but should be). They seem durable. The issues with having to open a PayPal dispute to receive my cables is very unfortunate because I'm in the market for another cable. I'd like to order from Chris but who knows if I'd ever receive it. The guy makes a good product though. And it seems that some people get what they orderd in a reasonable amount of time. It's too bad everyone doesn't and ordering from him is a bit of a gamble.
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Made an account here just to add my experience with HPL. I attempted to buy a new cable for my Earsonics Sm64. Unfortunately right after i ordered, i found this thread.

I ordered on august 30th. On sep 17th, I emailed Chris asking when my order might ship, no response. On sep 20th, i informed him that if i didnt hear back from him by the end of the week (this was a tuesday) that i would open a dispute. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but with no response still on sep 26th, i opened a dispute and immediately escalated it to a claim, asking for a full refund.

How has everyone's experience thru paypal gone? Have they resolved it or was it essentially blackmail to get Chris to send the product?
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