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Clearing House: MicroZOTL on sale $610

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I decided to also sell my MicroZOTL also for the purposes of getting money. It is less than six months old and still has all of its original packaging and manual. I am asking for $610 shipped. PM if interested.
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Interested in unit and I just sent PM.
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and i just bought markl's for $700.. damnit!
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Except that yours has some of the best NOS tubes still available.

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trust me, grinch... NOS adventures are fun, but expensive and time consuming. You saved yourself more than $90 and a grip of time...
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This place is a madhouse.

I actually wanted that.

I haven't even got my last one yet and I wanted that.

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i know, i'm actually extremely happy with my purchase. markl gave me a super deal. although, i haven't even tried switching tubes yet.. maybe i'm a bit afraid..
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