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Good morning from Ozzie,
I am new to your website. Can anybody help me source a set of Superflux HD 668 B?
I tried amazon but they don't post to Australia.
Mr Tao
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It's hard getting some stuff out here.  I've had alot of experience with Amazon, I'm not sure how much you know about them, but the site show multiple sellers.  If you can pick the product you want from the seller "Amazon prime" or just "prime" they will ship to australia, for a very reasonable shipping price too.  I have also emailed amazon in the past and they have made an exception to a product of theirs that they didn't ship to Aus and they sent it to me anyway (not this was for a $1500 product, so that's why they may have been so helpful). 


I had a look at the amazon listing for those headphones but it doesn't look like any sell to aus, so perhaps shoot them an email and see what happens.

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