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WTB: Mid level tube amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I decided to change the format since I was getting a bunch of offers of amps I've never heard of.


I'm looking for a mid-fi tube amp. Here are my requirements:


1) It should have good resale value (meaning this is a popular amp)

2) If it has a 4 pin XLR output as well that would be a bonus

3) The amp doesn't use many tubes (keeps tube rolling costs down)

4) It can drive both low and high impedance headphones


I will be using them with a AKG Q701 for the most part unless I decide to get something better but won't be happening anytime soon. Due to the price of the headphone I am using I don't need anything end game so the $500 price range should be adequate.


I am looking at the following amps: Schiit Lyr (1 or 2), Schiit Valhalla (1 or 2), Bottlehead seX, CTH Rev A


I am located in Fresh Meadows, NY. If the amp isn't too big a local pickup could be an option. 

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