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Internal soundcard quandaries

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I recently acquired my first external DAC, a JAVS DAC-2 March edition, capable of doing 24/192, just like my soundcard at the time, an Asus Xonar DS.

I hooked it up using the optical output from the Xonar, and almost immediately started getting BSODs. Mind you, that was after making no additional changes to the software or internal hardware, using the latest of the Uni Xonar drivers. The ONLY change I made was to change the setting on the soundcard, so that the default device was the S/PDIF output. 

All the BSODs were driver-related, which is apparently a known issue with Xonar cards when it comes to using the S/PDIF output. I tried several other drivers and kept getting BSODs. 


In desperation, I started looking around for other options and after much reading here, ended up picking up a used X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro edition. Like an idiot, without realizing that despite being able to output 24/192 through the front speaker output, it could only do 24/96 through the S/PDIF interface. Which strikes me as being friggin' retarded. 

Other than that quibble, the card seems to work fine. The WASAPI/ASIO implementations certainly seem more solid than they were on the Xonar DS. But that being said, I wasn't exactly blown away by the sound-quality. Frankly, when it was working, I think the Xonar DS sounded cleaner. On the plus-side, no more BSODs. 

So, that all being said, what's a man to do? I don't really want to spend 400 dollars on a soundcard. And I'd really like the ability to output CMSS or similar via the optical for gaming/movies. 

Are there better options than Creative for this? Is there a Creative card that I missed that actually will sound better than the Xonar DS and can do 24/192? Oh, and I should add, I'm not really that keen on an external USB soundcard. My desk is crowded enough as it is!

Any help is appreciated. 

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Do not set spdif out as the default in the control panel in windows. Check the box in the asus xonar panel for spdif out so it say PCM, Same applies if your using it with the basic C-media panel. It will then send over Dolby headphone to your external dac. You not suppose to make spdif out the default otherwise the sound card is just acting as a Digital transport device and not sending any of the sound card features over to the external dac, which makes the sound card pointless. Same applies to the creative Z, which you also have to keep on speakers and then go to the adv tab at the bottom of the control panel and check the box to send audio thru spdif out. I never gotten BSOD with Asus Xonar DG/DGX when using optical but then I do the method that I mentioned.

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No, I fully understand that. I was setting the S/PDIF as the default specifically for music, as I listen to music a lot more than I watch movies or game, and then switching it to the other setting when I needed to watch a movie or play a game. But even when configured like you suggest, I would get lots and lots of BSODs, seemingly at random. That was specifically with a Xonar DS. And it didn't matter what mode it was in. Nor which driver I used. Even went back to the Asus official driver release, cleaning up all the old driver info in between installs, and it still would do it. Having 3-5 BSODs on a daily basis is not ok. No BSODs with the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro so far. Oh, and to be clear, my onboard audio solution does not have an optical out, so even if all I wanted to use the Xonar DS for was a transport, I'd have still been screwed.  

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