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The last two years i have been using my sennheiser hd 800 on my pc with a xonar stx soundcard in addition witm a musical fidelity x-can v3 with special matched tubes and a x-can v3 power supply. At the moment of purchace this set up was the summum you could buy. My question is is the oppo ha-1 the go to replacement and is it realy wearth the benefit and witch xlr cable would ypu purchace in combination with the oppo? Personaly I find the senheisser original xlr cable already way to expensive espessially in comparisson to the price of the headphone! So my question is, is it woryhwile trying to sell the MF setup with the xonar stx soundcard in favorite of the oppo ha-1. Considering the senheisser amp, sony and pioneer amp/dac. Please advice and explanation.... Please also consider price vs sound gain
Thx, Tom