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For Sale: Martin Logan - M90

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$35 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Martin Logan - M90

Will Ship To: US and Canada

I picked these up from New Egg Canada a while back and done a version of the hole mod to them making them a bit warmer and bassier. I recieved a replacement set of earpads due to one of the pads splitting so I have 1 extra pad that will go with the headphone in case one of the pads ever splits.


I love the sound of this headphone. It deserves all of the praise it receives. Unfortunately my ears and glasses disagree with it's design comfort wise.


Price does not include shipping, please contact me to find out shipping costs.



Dweaver's Crazy Headphone-aholic SALE


When I started to gather all the gear I had on hand I was appalled when I figured out I had 22 headphone and IEM's (and that's not counting cheapy stuff!). In that moment I had to admit something was wrong and that I needed to at the very least clean house. So I have listed every quality headphone and IEM I own for sale with the exception of my Sony MDR-Z7. I have even listed my first 5 star rated IEM the Pioneer DJE-1500 as a form of penance for being such a dumb bum.


So what does this mean for you??? - GREAT PRICES!!!!


So here is the deal. I have 18 products left at the moment which I have listed links to below. I REALLY NEED THIS STUFF GONE! So the more you buy the better the deal.


Buy 2 items and save 10% off the listed prices.


Buy 3 items and save 10% off the listed prices plus free shipping.


So what about the 3 headphone/IEM's I offered a free gift? Well if you buy one of those plus two other items, you get the 10% off, free shipping, PLUS that free gift ;). I don't care what is matched up with what. Pick a couple of the cheaper items and you will save enough that they will be damned near FREE, plus you will get a free gift to boot!


What if you like my big offerings* but don't want anything else? MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!! Just do me a favor and remember that while I dug myself into this hole I DID IT WITH MY OWN MONEY! So please don't just lowball me as I am not a charity.


  1. Pioneer DJE 1500 - $135
  2. Sony XBA-C10iP - Black - $old
  3. AKG 323XS 0 Black - $old
  4. Denon AHC50MASR - $old
  5. Vivo XE800 - $old
  6. Etymotic HF3 - Black - $old
  7. Sennheiser IE60 - $old
  8. VSonic VSD3 - Black - $30
  9. AIAIAI Pipe - Black - $15
  10. Monster iSport Victory - Green - $70
  11. UE 600vi - Brand New Seal Box - $old
  12. UE 600vi - Gently Used - $30
  13. NAD HP50 - Black - $old
  14. Martin Logan M90 - $35
  15. Momentum On Ear - Black - $80
  16. AKG Q701 Austrian Made White - $135
  17. Bose QC20 - $175
  18. Sony MDR-EX650 - Brass - $55

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