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IEMs for <250 EUR

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Hi, I have struggled for a long time trying to pick good in-ears, and a friend of mine suggested this place as a good forum. Long story short, I would like to by IEMs with good sound (I like warm bass, and do not like emphasized treble) for 250 EUR or less. I've only owned cheap in-ears before, currently I am using Skullcandy Ink, and their bass is fine but I want to go for a better sound.


Now comes an issue: I can't try IEMs before I buy them. My first price limit was 100 EUR. I've started with Beats and returned them the next day. Then I bought AKG K375: those were fine, and sound there was better than other options I've heard before. Unfortunately, the sound was too aggressive so it was causing pain, and even worse, the AKGs were simply falling off my ears. After I've returned them, I decided to do some research on internet and read review. The ones by thewirecutter (TWC) inspired my, and I thought of buying Beyerdynamics iDX160, but the reviews regarding their composite cable were dissapointing. The sound of RHA M750 and B&W C5 was good based on the reviews, and I guess that B&W C5 #2 would be a good choice for me if not for fit - yet again, I can't really try it in advance before buying. Sony XBA H1, B&O BeoPlay H3, RBH EP2 and NAD praised by TWC got bad reviews on Amazon, DUNU D1000 with good amazon reviews was criticized by TWC for an aggressive treble. Westone is criticized here and there together with Shure for bass, Klipsch and Sennheiser are critized for an overall sound quality. The RHA T10i that looks so awesome is said to have bad sound.


Overall, I fell lost - I would expect that 250 EUR is a decent price range, in which it shall be possible to choose just a rather good and solid model. It appears that those that deliver seemingly good sound (e.g. RHA M750 and B&W C5) for some reason have some creative fit which may not work for quite some people, whereas those with good fit seem to have issues with sound. It's like if only B&W would made their model in a normal form-factor, I'd go for that with no doubts. But while I'm fine with the feeling that something gently fills in my ear inside, I guess I'd find thins disturbing my outer ear rather irritating.


I'd be happy to hear any suggestions: which IEMs to choose, or maybe whether I shall just change my view on the choice and read less reviews? I've told my sound preferences, for more details: I'm listening rock like Muse, Rammstein, 30stm and My Chemical Romance. I also listen quite some other music, but I'm mostly interested in IEMs that would perform the best for that kind of rock music, for the rest I'm less focused on the sound quality. Thanks a lot in advance.

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There is no such thing as the "best" headphone, amp, or really any audio gear. At any particular price point, someone will always find something they like or don't like about the product. None of them are perfect, and none of the reviewers can even agree on what perfect sounds like!

I think your main problem is that you are thinking this is your last headphone purchase. Head-fier's shouldn't think that way - this isn't the *last* headphone, it is simply the *next* headphone! wink.gif
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