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I have been using a Monster DNA for almost 2 years now i was pleased with the looks and the sound quality,the dual inputs and the way you could fold it and store it so easily.

Unfortunately i had a car accident and it broke so i am going to get a new headphone.

This new headphone must be either equal quality or better but still the same price range

i was thinking of ; 

1 - Buying another Monster DNA (because i loved em but they are out of stock at where i live)

2 - Monster Diesel Vektr,which i like the look of but dont know anything about its performance

3 - Monster Ncredible Npulse,which i heard better than the other 2 

why all monster you might ask because i want both satisfying performance and stylish looks.

My question here is,Is Diesel Vektr worse than the DNA as in sound quality? if not i probably will just buy it and get it over with

Also is Npulse truly better than the other two?