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I received the dt770-80's today and I'm not really satisfied with them. From what I've read, I don't think I'll ever be even after amped/burn-in. So I'm looking for something new with input from you guys.


I listen to stuff across the board but right now it's predominantly electronic, soul, jazz, hip-hop, post-rock, and indierock/alternative.


I'll be driving them from an iphone 6 and a macbook pro (2010). might consider an amp but the simplicity of less equipment would probably be preferred.


What I'm looking for in a headphone is:


engaging and fun




full sounding


What I liked from the dt770's:






What I didn't like:



not very engaging


Headphones I'm most familiar with are:

portapros - using these now and they seem like a lesser form of the px-100s. would like them to be more clear and have more complex bass

akg k81dj - were alright, nothing too much to complain about, but at the same time kinda forgettable

ksc75 - liked the sound of these A LOT, they were engaging, I liked the brightness but they were too fatiguing with sibilance (if I remember right)

px-100 - if I remember correctly, it was the best overall because it didn't fatigue and fell only a bit short of the ksc75's sound



what you got?

much appreciated :smile: 

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