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Sony D-E905 Review Posted

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I just posted a review of the Sony D-E905 Portable CD Player at the following URL:


Hope you enjoy it.

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Great review!

Dang! I was going to massively publish all these pictures I took of my D-E900... But I guess too much bandwidth on one pcdp is not a good thing. We could try to establish the Sony D-e900/5 as a rival to Pamela Lee Anderson or whoever is the most downloaded babe now.

Heehee...I had about six pictures framed EXACTLY like your avatar. It shows it all: speckles, model number, droolmarks
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What an awesome review...very through. Nice .....excellent.
Let me add one thing....how about D-E905(0) with an amp? According to your review, is it one bit or dual one bit system? Thanks.
I don't think I will need to do any review..since you cover everything i have to cover. I probably just add a little comment on D777 vs. DE900.
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Originally posted by purk
I probably just add a little comment on D777 vs. DE900.
Actually that could be a good long one. So go for it! Does the D-e900/905 have a worse battery life or something?

BTW, I think there'd be way too many possibilities in terms of portable amps comparisons for a really useful comparison. And if you include most of them, it'd be a comparison of the amps and not the player. Uhm, I don't know if saronian has portable amps too.

How about the D-e900 as a home CD player system? Even without a digital out, can it rival $1000 CDPs out there?
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The D-E900 is sure a sexy player. The most beautiful discman I've ever seen b/f. Much more beautiful than it big brother the D777. Give me some time about my comment on the 777 and the 900, since I will too busy doing my hwks on my Structural engineering subjects.
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Most downloaded babe?

Hey PianoBlack,

I'm not sure if Pammie is still the most downloaded babe on the Web, but her images seem to be *always* appearing on my monitor! What a FANTASTIC woman! It looks like she just got a new boob job, which looks wonderful, but the complete Pamela package is mint, head to toe.

Excuse me for fantasizing....There must be other males on the board that drool over Pam.
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does pamela have blue speckles on a carbon fibre body? I think not.

although there's something to be said about 'dual' and 'DAC.'

But manoman, her voice is like this tiny i'm-a-little-girl thing. Absolutely no music-lovers should be a Pammie fan. I mean hey, y'all always have been audio fidelity over form, right?
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I have a almost new D-EJ925 that does have blue speckles on a carbon-fibre (magnesium) shell. It's a work of art, for sure, but can't hold a candle to Pammie's bombshell 36 C (or D?)-22-34 shape.

I do enjoy my portable music makers, as I have two MD recorders (MZ-R909 and MZ-R70), to boot. I love being able to have great sound when I'm walking or working.

Yes, Pamela has that little girl's voice that has served her well for many years, and zero acting talent, but that's not why she's so adored by the male popluation, is it?

Long live portable audio and Pamela!
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Originally posted by PianoBlack

How about the D-e900 as a home CD player system? Even without a digital out, can it rival $1000 CDPs out there?
Putting aside the drool factor, where any PCDP is at a disadvantage when put alongside some female curves. I did plug the E905 into my home audio system, and this is what I heard:

From the 905's analog out, to a Rega Mira integrated amp, and playing through a pair of Meadowlark Kestral speakers, the sound was better than I imagined. Sounding about 80% as good as my Rega Planet CD Player. With the largest difference being soundstage and instrument focus. The Planet presented a broader soundstage with all the instruments separated and identifiable. The 905's imaging was very slightly constricted and blurred by comparison.

Considering it is a portable, I was impressed, and would use it as a player in a home system.
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