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For Sale: 5998 Chatham tube

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For Sale:
5998 Chatham tube

Will Ship To: US-48



Bought as backup for my Woo amp, plugged in for a day to ensure it worked, then set them aside as backup.


One Chatham 2399, identical to Tung Sol 5998. Price: $55, plus shipping. I bought as NOS from TTVJ (Todd the Vinyl Junkie) in May 2014. Electronically quiet but, as is typical of the Chathams, physically microphonic, which, in my experience, did not affect performance when playing music. The tube sounds great, but if you’re bothered by the microphonic condition, don’t buy it.


Again, beyond the few hours I put on this tube when I installed it for a day, I have put no other hours of use on it.Some sellers are asking 100-150 bucks per tube for these, but I have tried to price more reasonably.



US-48 sales only, please. No extra fee for PayPal. Please check my feedback. Thanks for looking.

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PM sent!

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