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Good day HeadFi-ers!

I see the JBL J55 on sale on eBay for 30usd and Sony MDRX10/RED X for 45usd. Are these a good buy for this price range? I have JBL speakers and I do think they sound quite nice, that is why I am interested in this particular pair. Please feel free to recommend <50usd headphones. I have little experience with headphones and I do like a more bassy type of sound e.g. I recently sold a pair of Logitech UE4000s because they did not have enough bass (for me), but I did think that the clarity and separation was quite nice. Thanks in advance.


P.s. I really liked the detachable cable of the UE4000s, are the JBL and Sony ones proprietary? I noticed locking mechanisms on it in the stock photos.

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