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Hey Guys,

This is probably my first real post here so be gentle. I first of all love my ATH-M50x's (and my HD650's) but the ATH-M50x's are no where near the same comfort level as the HD650's naturally because of the cup size, depth and same with the pads. I banged my head in the wall for a while trying to figure out how to make them better.


I tried the Shure 940 pads and they were excessively big and loose (which was fixable) but although they were just plain bigger, I really didn't like the way they felt. They also seemed to change the sound more then I liked.


Then I had an epiphany...Foam


Hard, black, foam...


I'm a ex-smoker, new vaper, and remember some packaging that came with a mod I had purchased recently. An Innokin SVD for anyone who cares to ask. It comes packaged with denser foam that is still very pliable and retains its shape well. I pulled out the box cutters and went to town.


Needless to say, signature stays the same, comfort level doubles and even with my monstrous ears I can wear these things for hours without feeling annoyed. I feel it in the headband wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before I feel it on my fears.




Basically after cutting out of the foam you simply push it up into the shape of the ears cups and walllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa, musical bliss.






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