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I'm looking for a setup for my girlfriend with a budget of $200 (including amp if necessary). I know she has an ear for music, so she's much more of an audiophile than I am. However, she's never owned anything remarkable—only cheap $10 IEMs.

Factors to consider:
* Isolation and portability are not necessary. She'll be using these mostly at home to relax and chill out. As long as the neighbours down the street won't hear them, that's fine.
* She listens to a lot of music off her Macbook (mostly EDM) and watches a lot of movies (off the big screen TV in the living room).
* I know she loves bass, which is important in EDM genres and action movies, but I know she loves having that wide open soundstage/surround sound feel as well.
* With her current IEMs, she can wear them from morning to night, so comfort is important.

The two that have been recommended to me so far are the Audio Technica ATH Pro700 MK2 and the Sennheiser HD598. However, they both seem to serve two very different purposes. The Pro700s seem like they have the bass she wants, but not the open soundstage. The HD598s have the soundstage, but not the bass. With replacement pads, I could get the Pro700s for $153 and the HD598s for $165. If I could find the best of both worlds, that'd be perfect.

Some other headphones I've been looking at:
* Beyer DT770s (I found one for $130)
* Sennheiser Momentum
* Philips Fidelio X1/X2
* Sennheiser 558

What do you guys recommend?
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