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SPDIF to USB interface?

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Hi all,


I'm looking for something that OUGHT to be relatively simple to find...but not for me for some reason.


I have an E-MU 0404 that I've used in the past as my SPDIF to USB interface for ripping from analog sources.  However, it seems it's become orphaned.


I need a computer interface with SPDIF input capable of 24/96 to a USB output.  I already own a good A/D converter, so I don't really need one of those (but if it came with one that's not a deal breaker).


My searches are coming up with all sorts of USB to SPDIF interfaces, but not many SPDIF to USB.  I'm finding lots of SPDIF inputs that don't APPEAR to pass 24/96.


Please help!  Thank you!

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The HiFimeDIY Sabre's tend to go for $39 which tend to be 24bit/96khz with the PCM2706 which you use a mini tos-link adapter to use the optical. I personally use a Peachtree X1 usb to spdif converter which works very well and it has both optical and coaxial, But that goes for $139-149, might be more then your willing to pay.  I have seen the Peach tree T1's for 69-79 some times on ebay and amazon. There's plenty of Cm6631's ones as well other Xmos using usb to spdif's on ebay as well that ranges in price.

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To be clear, I am looking for something that will take SPDIF input and convert it to USB input...not the other way around.  I'm trying to rip an album to digital, and my Analog to Digital Converter doesn't have USB output.

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The only thing i found so far are Recording interfaces that has spdif I/O like the one i found that was just 24bit/48khz. but I haven't found any thing yet that matches what your looking for exactly.Maybe a recording interface would work, atleast one with the spdif connection you looking for.

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