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Headphones for gaming

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I have been conflicting over this for a good week now. I tried the AKG K550 mainly because of review sites like What hi fi saying so greatly about them. They really did shine.. with music, I was just listening to it on super smash bros on the wii u and it did indeed sound great but then when I go onto games because of lack of bass, it felt flat.


I then went with the Sennheiser PC 363D which I am currently playing around with. Again they seem reasonable, if not very plasticy and for £210, I am not sure it is worth the money. The fake surround sound I am not that impressed with either.


I was looking at the Sennheiser HD650 but tempted to see what others think, I am buying it from Amazon UK as they have a great returns policy, though they will be unlikely to like me swapping them constantly so I think it's about time I stuck with one I like soon.


I will not be using it outside, my set up for the proper movie experience is an Onkyo 609 with Q-Acoustic 2000i 5.1 cinema package and therefore the Onkyo will probably be my main amp for powering any headphones and it is handy that I can just watch the same thing without messing around with devices whether it be on the PC, console etc.


Maximum really is £250 I want to spend, primarily games but movies too. I would like some reasonable direction out of it and at the same time I don't want music to sound terrible either.


Recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hmm, if you compare the response of the K550 and the HD650, and then to a known bassy headphone like the Vmoda M100, we might see some useful info:

The K550 seems to have more energy than the HD650 down low, but less in the critical upper bass/lower mid-bass region of 100 - 200 Hz. That might be why the K550 aren't satisfying you - that might be where the video game is putting the "smash". tongue.gif

Compared to both the K550 & HD650, you can see how much more energy the Vmoda is bringing to the low-end, but it does it at the expense of mid suck-out that makes those phones very V-shaped.
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The Philips Fidelio X2 will work nicely. They don't require an amp to run (so either way, your receiver will do just fine), and like the X1, they sound great for games and movies.

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