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Fiio x3 or Fiio e17

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Hey, would fiio e17 used with the ipod touch 5 be better then x3? Also, are there lod cable for lightning or do i have to use the adapter?

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"Better" is a relative term. Personally, I would prefer the UI of the ipod touch over the X3, but since the X3 already has a Fiio amp in it, you could probably eliminate the e17 altogether if you have the X3. I don't know the answer to your question on the LOD & CCK.

What headphones would you be using?
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What I meant is that if i just use the headphone jack to connect amp and the ipod, i would be double amping the thing. So is there any cable that could compensate for the line out dock cable like the one for the old ipods with 30 pin. And for the headphones I've been using sennheiser hd 558 (probably gonna buy a new one)

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Yes, you would be double amping if you use the headphone jack. I still use my 8 year old ipod with a 30 pin LOD, so I'm afraid I can't help with Lightning connector question.
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Originally Posted by rayblob13 View Post

Hey, would FiiO E17 used with the iPod Touch 5 be better then X3? Also, are there LOD cable for lightning or do I have to use the adapter?


I would say just to totally replace your iPod Touch with the FiiO X3.

But if you really want to keep your Touch 5, then get the FiiO E11K and daisy chain it off the Touch 5's headphone output jack.

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