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Well, for me it looks like I'm asking too much hehe, I'm not an audiophile but I'd like something that has high durability - I had a SteelSeries headset before (Siberia) and in 1 year it stopped working on one side. I'm currently using Razer Blackshark, mic is broken in one year of use as well. Dunno if it's bad luck or headsets are just bad at $100, but I decided I'd go for headphone/mic separated now, so that I can use outside as well and don't look ridiculous - I mean, imagine using this outside xD, it's kinda funny.


I've come across several possibilities, and the one I heard recently was Creative Aurvana Live! 2, but some say it's not that good so I don't know, but all I want is a headphone similar to razer blackshark - I love the sound, the isolation, and it's very comfortable. But just headphone, not headset (for mic I'll be getting zalman if there's no mic in-line like Aurvana).


If it has detachable cable it'd be even better as lots of problems are due to cable...I think.


I'll be using it for games and music mainly (I listen to many genres (jazz, funk, disco, new wave, rock, rockabilly, metal, blues, classical, psychedelic, little of rap/hip-hop) so I think a balanced bass/mid-range and all of this audio stuff that I don't understand is ideal). So soundstage for gaming, isolation and closed for listening outside, over-the-ear because I like it, freaking lasts more than an year and comfortable because I use A LOT. It doesn't need to perfect or whatever, but similar to blackshark's quality or better is nice :) And under $200 because I'm saving money for new cpu/motherboard \o/

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