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I Rlly Need help SkullCandy plyr 1 vs Tritton 720 or 5.1 pro vs turtle beach 500 stealth for Ps3 and Ps4 vs Gold Playstation headsets or Pulse

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Hello guys , im new in forum . I need a good headset for Ps3 to watch movies like black hawk down and playing war games like BF4 with good sound eviroment , im searching for sound quality and durability , dont care about mic performance , i have in mind those i post , if you guys know another headsets pls help . i been reading Tritton is wired , any diff in sould quality ? better than wirelles ? 


5.1 tritton (True Surround) make any difference between 720 tritton or Skullcandy 7.1 ?   how about Gold playstation headset with app ? only work on games or i can hear 7.1 VSS in movies as well ? .  Y also found in amazon Turtle beach 500 steatlh for ps3 and ps4 , hows sound quality and durability ? 


Well Thanks waiting for answers , and hope found good friends here . My PSN name is GillesDRais , i play BF4 , BF3 

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Im Between this gaming headsets for Ps3 , if you guys know a better one plz help . im only want is Quality surround sound and Durability 









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Anyone can help me ? i will buy a Ps3 Headsets this friday , i want to make the best choise, Thanks or Cybermonday

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Honestly.. None of them.


If you want an cheap easy toy, that just "works" on console: Either one with PS3 compatibility is fine.


If you want good soundquality? NO headset.

If you want good build quality/durability? NO headset.

If you want good surround? There is no good surround. "surround" is nothing else than marketing, by adding some cheap effects via a cheap soundcard.


The WORST of them is the "true surround" headset. Its really really bad. You can locate enemys MUCH easier with a GOOD stereo headphone. "true surround" in headsets is NOTHING but marketing. The surround is actually much worse than Virtual surround, and also worse than Stereo (GOOD stereo is better than anything in a headset/headphone)


So... if you care for soundquality and build quality, get a good stereo headphone. As you dont need a microphone, you dont need a Headset.

There are cheap ways, to get a 3.5mm Headphone jack out of the PS3, while adding a good headphone:


Takstar HI 2050 (open) or Takstar Pro 80 (closed) dont cost much, and are by FAR better build and sound better than every single one you listed above.

These headphones are also the base of the headsets Qpad QH 85 (Takstar HI 2050) and QH 90 (Takstar Pro 80) / Kingston HyperX Cloud (identical to QH 90, just more accessoires)

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Thanks for open my eyes , dident know all that . 


I like HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset  but it says is not USB , how i connected to PS3 ? sorry my ignorance .


and like this Takstar Pro80 , i also found this in amazon Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass 40mm Driver Premium Headphones

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idk, this thing seems to be mainly for 5.1 speakers.


That last one would work (but like at the one i send you via PM, Microphone will not work with this). But idk if it sounds better than the Fiio D03.

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Thx for answer , do you know another headsets without mic ? that sound good and hv good durability ? . Thx

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There are alot, but more expensive. With other words, the Takstar is really good below the 100 bucks mark~.


If you want a better one / Higher one, i would go into one of these:


Closed Can: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm (250 would be also ok, but slighly less volume), Focal Spirit One S, NAD HP 50, Shure SRH 840.

Audio Technica ATH M50 is a favourite for alot too, but its soundstage is very small, making it not the best choice for (competetive) gaming


open can: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm (there is no 80 Ohm version of it), AKG K612 Pro (very neutral, slightly warm. but awesome soundstage/clarity), AKG K701/k702/Q701 (like Godmode for competetive, but a bit boring because not a strong bass), but they want a good amp), Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro/Edition 250 Oh, etc...


Might wanna take a look here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/534479/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-update-10-15-2014-beyerdynamic-t51i-added

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What's up man, I been a long time reader this is my first post, the Trittons never failed me with consistency in competitive play and very good durability I logged over 2000+ hrs on these since Jan 1, 2011. They have performed excellent for me across multiple platforms.  Now at first they did sound great for gaming delivering all cues on point but didn't have the same identical treble sound as my previous tritton pair until maybe 50-100 hours or so later. Using same mixamp and the inline dials were identical, they still sounded great but different, might also be caused cause they were new and tighter clamp which loosened allowing a little air in at the bottom of the ear but still keeping all noise out of my headphone from outside.  Godjoey.com I log all the stats I got them on Jan 1, 2011. They are still going strong and have served me well.


What I did notice though when trying to compare the black ops ax pro 5.1's with my previous tritton 5.1's they had a different sound, maybe they needed a burn in I do not know but over time the treble got better.


Before that I have always liked stereo but when I got the first pair as a present I swore they were going to be returned and they never were. You must experience them for yourself, if they don't suit you get rid of them. I passed judgement right away and I'm glad I was wrong they have served me well with never fatiguing my ears in marathon gaming runs.


I'm still searching though for a pair of closed headphones that can deliver as good or better experience. I have tried a few from suggested review thread and I just wasn't blown away at all by them. I noticed all closed backs get poor reviews and all open backs get best but all of our ears must hear things very differently.  I'm searching for the Unicorn stereo headphone with closed backs good treble and lower bass.


I tried the turtle beach dss just not as good as my astro mixamp felt like a complete toy in comparison.  I just picked up for 79 bucks cyber monday what a deal, glad I did.




AD700's open is good if you are in an empty room by yourself but performed awful in games like Killzone 3 where footsteps were either there but ear fatigue due to how loud you needed it to catch them. For instance while in an exo skeleton I can still hear footsteps surrounding me with my trittons but with the AD700's treble is so high it was piercing or tuning the bass overblew the footsteps. I couldn't find a good balance to catch footsteps thumping without increasing overall sound which fatigued my ears. Keep in mind this was with dolby on and dolby off trying to get a good balance with volume, bass, and treble I just couldn't do it. Felt like pins in the ears it was ear hurting.


Tiamat 7.1 connected to tritton mixamp but limited to 5.1 great for BF4 ps4 very comfortable. Just a fun option was happy it worked.

Skullcandy slyrs nice using Astro mode with astro mixamp great in Ghosts but still lost cues in Advanced warfare with multiple exo boosting people. This drove me crazy these exo boosts are loud and should simply be caught.  Dolby Off I preferred with these. Maybe a burn in is needed only have like 20 or so hours.

AD700's Dolby on "Pro Mode" worked well but I gotta be in a silent room or risk deafing myself to try to catch all cues I can easily with the Tritton.


Advanced Warfare PS4 where it seems like everyone has Ninja on cripples all headphones and will have you jumping plenty in wtf moments due to how poor the footstep cue detection is. They are sometimes literally breathing down your neck before you catch some.

Here is my review on the trittons. Good luck with whatever you choose man. http://www.head-fi.org/products/mad-catz-cd79051100a1-04-1-call-of-duty-black-ops-dolby-digital-true-5-1-progaming-headset-for-pc-powered-by-tritton/reviews/12075?utm_campaign=subscription&utm_source=subscription_immediate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email



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Thanks 4 answer. I ill give a try to tritton 720 , or good stereo mode , keep searching in amazon xd

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Been using this today with the astro mixamp and the sound is really nice. Nice man.


Creative Aurvanas for $49


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hey thx 4 answer , but how i connect those or any headphones to Ps3 ? without USB , only jack 3.5

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Headphone jack on your tv? Or Astro mixamp.
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my TV doesnt have headphones entry , with Mix Amp you can connect it to PS3 ? 

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