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Took a slightly different career direction that now gives me some decently long seat sessions to make HP listening practical. My current HP roster is pretty mediocre but possibly sheds some insight on what may be a good choice for me (also keeping in mind, my top/strongest preference is 2ch stereo speakers). I would also like to leave source/amplification out of this as I am evaluating my reference below as an amalgamation of straight laptop/phne jack to dedicated dac and amp listening experience.


Senn PX-100 - SQ wise I find detail lacking and a little muddy overall. Being on ear, they do make my ears sore after 30minutes or so. Listening fatigue with these HP's usually takes me in to about 1.5-2 hrs if I endure the ear discomfort. I would have to equate these HP's to a Toyota Camry.


V-Moda Vibes - For the $20 i was pleased with the purchase of these. However they are less detailed than the PX-100's and much more fatiguing, depending on the genre of music 10-15minutes is all it takes. I think the punchiness of the bass in these is partially to blame. As for physical comfort the small pads that come shipped with them give me some canal soreness after about 30mins to an hour.  My car equivalent would be a chopped spring early 90's Honda Civic.


I am open to everything from in ear to full size can options. One preference i have for full sized cans is that its a little more hygienic for a work environment as they will go from ear to desk all day long.  And almost mandatory (exceptions can be made) is that they have a mic integrated in the cable as well. We use skype a lot.  One option I have looked at right now is the AKG 270 MkII, as it seems to have a rep for being fatigue free. This is also about the top of my budget range as well.  Are the semi-open backs on these quiet enough for an open concept office space?